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The Autumn Days Swung Soft Around Me

...like cotton on my skin

18 August
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Hello! This is my fanfic journal. I used to have different accounts for each fandom, but that just got to be too much to keep up with. I often don't have time to write as much as I'd like, but keeping everything in one place will be easier for when I do have time to write.

I always leave feedback when I read others' stories, and I appreciate others to do the same for me :)

To keep things as organized as possible (I'm OCD and a librarian--organization is what I do), I'm going to keep a catalog on my profile page with links to the stories. From experience, I know what a pain it is trying to scroll back through a person's archives, trying to find a particular pairing, etc. etc.


(first chapter is in progress)

Heroes/Star Trek
You Shouldn't Go Home Again
Pulling together two of my favorite television series--Heroes and Star Trek. Let's see how Sylar and Spock interact :D
chapters: (01)

Law&Order: Special Victims Unit
(first chapter is in progress)

Star Trek: TOS/TNG
The Starships Enterprise
Rated PG13-NC17 probably. It's a work-in-progress.
I grew up on TNG and adore it, and now the recent Star Trek movie has prompted me to start watching TOS, and I'm addicted to that now, too. So, of course, I really want to bring the two crews together. Not completely sure of the pairings yet... I'm hoping this will be a multi-chaptered and fairly lengthy story. I might be able to work requested pairings in, if the plot allows.
chapters: (01)